Saturday, September 17, 2011

Here We Go

This summer, my husband and I moved out to the country.

We first became interested in learning where our food comes from after watching the documentary Food, Inc. The film was very eye-opening and sparked an interest in learning more about where our food comes from. We decided that we wanted more control over what we eat, so the logical first step seemed to be starting a garden and keeping a small flock of egg-laying hens in our back yard. Due to a lack of research, we ordered the chicks before finding out that it was illegal to keep chickens in the city. Oops. After a year and a half of our underground egg ring, we decided it was time to move away from city ordinances and regulations that stifled the process of becoming self-sufficient.

So here we are. On 20 wooded acres in what most people would consider the middle of nowhere. We are only at the beginning of our journey to self-sufficiency and are learning more every day. As David would say, we are taking "baby steps" toward reaching our goal of being totally independent on the homestead.

David and I plan to write this blog together, so most posts will be a collaborative effort. We'll post about the latest happenings on the farm, along with posts about our other interests like food and home improvement/design. Thanks for following along while we city folk try to make it in the country!



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