Monday, January 5, 2015

Living Room Feature Wall: Part I

Making the decision to move from the city to the country 3 1/2 years ago was a no brainer for us. The only hard part was leaving our historic home full of character and charm that we had grown to love dearly and had fixed up to make our own. If only we could have just moved the house!

Our home in the country is just a few years old which is awesome (the windows don't leak!), but it lacks the character that we really miss about our old house in the city. Ever since we moved out here, we've been trying to incorporate charm into our home little by little, and have always wanted to create a big built-in shelving unit on the feature wall in our living room.

It took us 3 1/2 years to decide what to do, but finally we are getting started! Phase 1 was creating a focal point in the center of the room with our electric fireplace and some old reclaimed wood David received in exchange for helping out a friend with a project last summer (which made our project super cheap - can't beat that!). 

David was the brains and brawn behind this phase of the project, so I mostly just supervised. He gets all the credit here. It turned out great!

The fireplace is at the very center of the living room/kitchen open area and really anchors the space. We are still deciding on whether or not to put a mantle and artwork up or keep it clean and minimal as is. I think as we go along with the rest of the project we will get a better idea of exactly how we want the fireplace to look.

We are getting started on the next phase right now, but this will take a bit longer since it involves more prep work with the materials. Here's a sneak peek - any guesses as to what it may be?? :)