Monday, March 5, 2012

Cleaning Up

We've had some really bad weather around this area over the past week or so. Luckily, we didn't get hit very hard. We did have some pretty strong winds that blew a lot of limbs out of our trees, so this weekend when we had the time, we played clean up.

Yes, that is ME driving the 4-wheeler! I have been pretty scared of these types of things ever since I was a kid and burned my leg pretty badly on the motor of a 3-wheeler while riding with my brother (still not exactly sure how it happened!). I was even scared to ride this with David driving it, but finally decided it was high time to get over my fear.

Of course, as most fears are, it was pretty silly because it's really easy to drive (and dare I say, fun!). My job was to gather all the limbs from the front and back yard while David worked on making a big pile to burn.

We're also working on clearing out what we have dubbed "Section A" which is basically around the chicken area over to the creek.

David gets the joy of cutting down small trees and cutting up larger ones that have already fallen down. He loves that chainsaw :)

The guineas were having fun playing in the piles of sticks!

I worked hard for about 2 hours, loading and unloading limbs and then I got tired. It was fun for awhile, but after a few hours I was so done! David was still hard at it, so I went to say hi to the chickens.

Tubs always jumps up on my back when I squat down! Mostly to escape the romantic advances of Cam I think, but I tell myself it's because she really likes me. :) She normally just stands on my back for a while, but this time she kind of nested in my hair and made herself comfortable! It was pretty cute.



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