Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Catching Up

We've been scarce around these parts lately! With the weather so warm (88 degrees last Sunday!) we spend all our time outside and I don't feel like sitting in front of a computer waiting for my painfully slow satellite internet to upload photos when there's so much change and growth going on outside our back door.

The woods are going crazy right now! The landscape has changed completely in the past couple weeks.

The mayapples are blooming already!

Last week we decided to try letting the chickens free range - supervised - for about an hour before the sun goes down each night. They have a large fenced in area for when we aren't home, but we thought they'd enjoy pecking around the woods and eating some grass and bugs. It's fun for us to watch, too!

Baby hung out in the background.

Cam struttin' his stuff.

As soon as I get home it's into my work boots and out to see what David's up to and enjoy what daylight we have left. I'm usually so excited to get outside and play with the chickens that I don't even change out of my work clothes!

We made preparations for our garden over the past few weeks as well. Borrowed a tiller and made a couple of beds for lettuce and herbs. They're just now starting to sprout so it'll be a few more weeks until we see anything edible. Tomatoes need to be started inside, so we planted our seeds in a makeshift greenhouse in the garage and when they germinate, we will put them under a bright light to help them grow.

The baby chicks are growing like crazy! Haven't been able to get any recent pictures of them, but will try to soon. Spring is so magical out here, we're just trying to soak up every moment.


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