Thursday, May 31, 2012

Butterfly Bush Blooms

We planted a butterfly bush on the side of our house last year, and so far this year it has grown like crazy. It looks a little funky, though, because some of the branches are longer than others and some stand straight up while others fall to the ground. David decided it was time to cut it back so it would grow more evenly. It was hard to do because there were a lot of beautiful purple blooms at the tops of the branches.

But I had an idea. There was no way I was going to let those gorgeous, fragrant blooms go to waste! I sorted through each branch and threw the ones that didn't have any blooms into the compost. Made a couple friends in the process. :)

I gathered some of my favorite containers, filled them with the blooms, and placed them in as many rooms as I could!

They smell sooooo good. I love having fresh flowers in the house and it's even better when they are gathered from my own back yard!



  1. Love the vases!! Love the color of the flowers! And that lady bug?? Awww!

  2. ONE OF MY Favorites! We have a butterfly bush and the girls love it - I want to plant them everywhere. I've never felt confident in chopping them - no issue there? One year in the Fall we chopped our unruly bushes down to the base and they died now I'm too scared to touch them. But maybe this year you have encouraged me to try it? BTW love the IZZE bottle - so cool and vintage-y!


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