Monday, September 24, 2012

Cats & Cows

Over the weekend we had a few activities lined up. On Saturday I went to a local fair with some family while David had guys over to shoot guns, and Sunday we went to a graduation party for one of David's cousins. We did manage to get in a little relaxation time, but nothing like the cats. They are masters of relaxation.

I had fun at the fair checking out all the animals. There were so many different breeds of chickens and other fowl, but I had my eyes on the cows.

I've loved cows for a while now, especially babies. About a year ago I added petting a cow to my bucket list, and I am happy to say that this weekend I got to check that one off!

This cow was a sweetie and I think I could have stayed there all day petting her, but a little kid was patiently waiting his turn so I decided to share the love.

I took one item off my bucket list but added another - win a ribbon at a fair. There were all sorts of entries at the fair that won ribbons - photography, flower arrangements, baked goods, and canned foods to name a few. I'd love to be a blue ribbon winner someday. :)



  1. That sounds like a great day! We want a family cow, but with our horse already calling dibs on the only suitable field we have, it is not to be... yet. We are interested in getting a shaggy Highland cow when our time comes. What breed are you looking for?

    1. Oh we're not looking for a family cow at the moment. I just love all cows :) I'd love to have one someday! I don't know much about the different breeds, so I'd definitely have to research that.

  2. I want a cow too...and I THINK I've read that cows and horses can co-graze since they eat different things in a pasture? We have the same issue Sonja...our horses have dibs on the pasture.

    We have a tuxedo cat also - with about as much cattitude as yours it seems!

  3. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend for you. Lovely photography. :)


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