Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Natural Gardening

When planning our vegetable and flower gardens this year, we wanted to use as many natural (and free!) components as possible. To section off our vegetable beds, David used wood from trees that he cut down to get more sunlight to the plants. We're also making walls around the whole area using small stacked logs.

When we replaced the tires on our Jeep, I saved the old tires so I could plant some flowers in them. If that's not country, I don't know what is! :)

A while back David found a big tree in the woods that was hollowed out in the middle. He cut it into smaller sections and we used it as planters for bulbs and sedum to add some visual interest to our beds up next to the house.

A great free way we enhanced our garden was to get plants from our relatives! My grandma, and David's grandma and aunt happily shared with us some of the overflow from their gardens.

The great thing about all the plants our relatives shared with us is that after they grow in our garden for a while, we can share them with others as well. Paying it forward!



  1. I'm loving the planters you upcycled; super cool!

    1. Thanks! I really like how they turned out.

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