Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vintage Bathroom Cabinet

Remember my recent post on our Bollinger Mill day trip in which I cryptically gushed about a fabulous piece of furniture I found at an antique store? Well, today I brought it home!

I know it may not be everyone's cup of tea (Dad, I'm looking at you!) but I'm pretty much obsessed with it. The store owner said it would be a great piece to restore, and I kind of shouted, "No! I love it how it is!" It was painted many years ago and the effect of the paint chipping off and rust underneath has given it a great patina.

It has glass sliding doors on the top with two adjustable shelves inside and two pull out drawers on the bottom.

And I got a deal! After watching lots of Cajun Pawn Stars episodes with David's family last night, I was inspired to test my negotiation skills. I scored it for $65 instead of the original price of $80 (which I still think is a steal - truth be told I would've paid well over $100 for it).

Many thanks to David and Ramon for getting it safely from the antique store to my bathroom!



  1. I love the distressed look! And great idea about integrating it into your bathroom; SO cute, gal!!

    1. Thanks! When I first laid eyes on it I knew it would be perfect in the bathroom. I keep forgetting it's in there and get so excited when I see it!

    2. I did really laugh out loud when I read that you have that surprised reaction every time you see're a good nugget, Tammy Barani!

    3. Haha! It's kind of like finding money you didn't know you had :)

  2. I love it, with the glass doors I makes a great piece for displaying about anything! The distressed looks is great. If you decide to refinish it you might get some ideas from this site.

    Michael :-)


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