Monday, July 16, 2012

Cutting Garden

Along with our vegetable gardens, I really wanted a cutting garden this year so I could have flowers to bring inside whenever I wanted. We bought a packet of "wildflower mix" at the store for $0.20, David spread the seeds in one of our beds, and we waited to see what happened.

David usually has the watering duties every evening, so I haven't been over to the cutting garden lately to check for new blooms. When I least expected it, he gathered a bouquet and surprised me.

One of my favorite things to do is arrange flowers in different vases and place all around the house. I have my favorite hand-me-down milk glass vases from grandma that I love, but for these flowers I chose my (also hand-me-down from grandma) blue tinted mason jar.

I love how fresh flowers instantly add such a cheery, bright feeling to any space. For $0.20, some water and sunlight, you can't beat fresh flowers cut from your own back yard. Especially when they're hand delivered by your sweet husband.



  1. Lovely flowers! Pretty pics. And that must be the famous....infamous?....Sylvester you told me about?

    1. Yes, indeed. Sylvester in all his glory :)

    2. Beautiful!! I've always wondered how those wildflower mixes turn out.. We had a few packets but after a few years of not using them I gifted them to someone. Now I'm wishing I had kept them!

    3. I was really curious to see how they turned out, too! Not sure exactly what kind of flowers they are, but I love them :)

  2. I loved my cutting garden this past
    summer, your flowers are beutiful!

  3. what flower is that? i have seen in in local stores but never had an idea as to what it is called..daisies?


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