Monday, July 30, 2012


I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we had a shed to transform into a chicken coop, and I am happy to report that the transition is complete!

Thanks to David's hard work ALL day today, it was ready for the chickens tonight. We hung the waterer and feeder and put in some storage crates to serve as nesting boxes. 

David put in two long 2x4s for the chickens to roost on at night, and put in a couple bags of pine shavings for bedding. 

He also cut out a couple holes in the top of the shed for ventilation, and we will probably add lots more. We covered them with hardware cloth just to make certain that nothing could get into the shed.

Since everything was ready to go before nighttime, we decided to move everyone into the new coop tonight which proved to be easier said than done. Catching chickens seriously could be an olympic event. We spent a good half hour chasing the pullets and Cam trying to get everyone into the new coop before dark.

Since the pullets are now out of the enclosed brooder in our carport, we decided to move the keets outside. They were really starting to stink up the garage!

Everyone will most likely be on edge for the next couple days. Chickens don't like change at first; it takes them a little while to accept a new home. It may take a couple more nights of chasing them down and putting them in their new coop before they settle into a new routine. They are definitely creatures of habit!



  1. How wonderful, a new home. ♥ You've made it so homey, I am sure they will settle in quickly for you.

    Sonja Twombly of

    1. They did pretty good last night. The older ones seemed to understand that this is their new home. The younger ones were still confused haha. But it went MUCH more smoothly than the first night! Hoping they all get it tonight and we don't have to chase any in.

  2. Replies
    1. I really like it. David worked hard to turn it into a great coop.


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