Monday, July 9, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down

Rainy days used to get me down, but now I am rejoicing because we finally got a good rain last night. I remember looking at the clock thinking, "Wow, it has been raining for one whole hour!" then another hour passed, then another. I don't even remember the last time it rained at all, let alone for hours on end.

Of course when I was a child I was upset when it rained because that meant I couldn't go outside and play. But now I understand how important rain is and I never curse the rain gods (well, maybe I did a little last year when we had a crazy flood and my basement got full of water when we were under contract to sell...but that's another story).

For the most part our plants are loving it. This morning the black-eyed susans were looking fabulous.

Some plants didn't fare quite so well, though. Being so tall, the canna lilies (or "cannies" as my grandma calls them) didn't have much of a chance against the weight of the hard rain.

Some of the four o'clocks cowered under the rain as well.

Under normal circumstances, with a rain like this our creek would be full of rushing water (like it was here), but this morning it was bone dry.

Seems like around here it's always one extreme or the other. Record-breaking floods last year, record-breaking drought and heat this year. I guess that's what we get for living in Missouri!



  1. Love the flowers...P-R-E-T-T-Y-!

    Wasn't the sound of thunder glorious last night?! There was a series at church recently on the life of the prophet Elijah....he declared it wouldn't rain till he said it would, and it was 3 years before it rained. Having our drought kind of put in perspective how a 3 year drought would impact an area...I felt a few weeks was awful and was stressed when I heard fireworks going off near the apartment around the 4th of July. C'mon more rain!

  2. Yes, I loved the storm last night! I have missed summer thunderstorms this year. A 3 year drought would be absolutely horrible. What we've had has been bad enough for sure.


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