Thursday, August 16, 2012

Indoor Cats

With my old camera, I took all of my pictures outside to get good natural light, so I haven't featured our indoor cats much on here. I still love taking pictures with natural light, but my new camera takes great pictures in all lighting conditions, so David snapped a few of me with the kitties.

Jasper always loves to be on me! If I'm sitting down, he's in my lap. If I'm laying down, he's usually on my chest. Fitz doesn't like to be right on top of me, but he does like to stay close. They love cuddling on the couch.

Jasper is our first born. David actually got him while we were dating in college.

He had to grow into his ears!
It's kind of a funny story, because when we first got him we thought he was a girl so we named him Sophie! Even for his first vet visit they didn't tell us any different, so he lived as Sophie for a good few months. Then on another vet visit they broke the news that Sophie was actually a boy, so we had to think of another name. After that some of our friends started calling him Mr. Sophie :)

We rescued Fitz in 2007 after we were married and living in an apartment St. Louis. We were both gone all day long at work and it seemed like Jasper was getting lonely all by himself, so we thought he could use a kitty friend. Unfortunately, they HATED each other at first and we actually had to keep Fitz in the computer room while we were at work so they wouldn't kill each other. Our plan to get Jasper a friend backfired. Then, slowly but surely, they started to tolerate each other a little more each day. It took almost a whole year for them to get along and not attack each other.

Now all is good! After that rocky first year they've been buds ever since. I remember back to when we first got Fitz thinking, "If they could only get along, I'd be the happiest girl in the world!" That seems like such a distant memory now, but kind of crazy to think how stressful it actually was at the time.

I can't imagine life without them!



  1. They are lovely. Great pictures. We had a similiar experience introducing a rescue dog to our pack about a year ago. After much blood shed and living in a compartmented house where the doggies could not mingle, we eventually came to the heart breaking decision to rehome Domino to a better situation for him. I am very glad your kitties settled. They look very happy. ♥

    1. Thanks, Sonja! I really wish I could foster cats and dogs, but Fitz hates any new animals so that's out for now.

      Sounds like in your situation with Domino you made the decision that was best for him even though it was hard on you. That's the mark of a good pet owner :)

    2. We had trouble with our dogs, Blanco and Nash fighting, since they are both boys and both wanted to be the Alpha Male. When we brought Pearl (Blanco's daughter) to the house they started fighting over her. We took the boys to the vet and had them both fixed and then they miraculously stopped fighting. I wish we had done that a long time ago, but then Pearl wouldn't be here. They used to drive me crazy fighting over me and I had to keep them separated. Glad that's over with.

    3. I guess it's not just cats that fight! I've never had indoor dogs so I didn't know they'd have issues getting along as well. I've heard that it does calm them down a lot when they get fixed so I'm glad that worked for you guys. It is stressful when your animals don't get along.


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