Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Clearing the Camera

I haven't done one of these posts in a while (go here or here for a trip down memory lane) but had some photos stored in my camera that I wanted to share.

Our special farmhand showing grandma how good the butterfly bush blooms smell.

Brownie tower! Made these for a girls' night a while back using this recipe jazzed up with chocolate chips.

Sweet Sylvester.

Harvest for the day in my perfect new enamel pan (hand me down from grandma).

Sweet moment between father and daughter :)

Even though I don't eat meat, I still like a good burger! Recipe found here.

Savoring the last few moments of summer.

Potential. A four o'clock bloom just about to burst open.

Catching raindrops.

My little girl!

Hope you enjoyed a slice of our homestead!



  1. Wonderful pictures. I love the way you capture moments. Thanks for sharing.

    Sonja of

    1. Thanks, Sonja! I always have my camera with me ready to capture special shots :)

  2. It looks like you live in a home that has steel siding. If so, do you like it? We have been considering building a pole barn home for a while now and only know a couple people who have done this. Any suggestions or comments?

    1. Yes, it has steel siding and a steel roof. We do like it because it's no maintenance! In the future we would like to add a stone facade to the bottom to jazz it up a bit. The previous owner was a huge John Deere fan so of course he choose the green! It has been just fine and we haven't had any issues, so I would definitely recommend it.


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